An Alternative to Shampoo: AIA Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

A lot of naturalistas don’t use shampoo in their hair regimen and find baking soda or apple cider vinegar or bentonite clay to be a better alternative.  I have recently discovered another great alternative: As I Am Coconut Wash Cleansing Conditioner.


What the company says about it:

Enjoy a Fresh New Start.
Remove Product Residue. Preserve Moisture.

You already know it and your hair can feel it! CoWashing is the way to cleanse your hair most of the time. This light no-suds conditioning cream gently removes residue including all of the things you’ve used to style and maintain your coils and curls. Now it’s time for a sparkling new beginning.

This cowash is different from any other because it contains a special blend of natural ingredients that work to promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level.

My personal review of it: 5 stars!  I LOVE it!!!

  • Great price: $8.00 for a 16 oz container
  • Great ingredients: phytosterols (great for softening and conditioning hair), coconut (conditioning, shining and moisturizing effects) and more.  No parabens, no silicons, no sulfates.
  • Great smell: it reminds me of a coconut drink or smoothie
  • Great effect: your hair is so soft that you can just finger-detangle it.  Your roots are shining clean.
  • Personal preference: I’d prefer that it be in a pump container or normal conditioner bottle.  The content is not as thick as general deep conditioners but not as thin as a conditioner.  Therefore, it sets a mess around when applying it as you can’t do that under the shower.  Well… as I said, that’s just a PERSONAL preference note.

My tutorial on how to use it in Haitian Creole:

You can purchase it online at or or if you are in the States, you can purchase it at your local beauty supply store.

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