Jodiya nou pral pale de penyen ki pwoteje cheve.


Nan kominote medam ak cheve natirèl, se yon penyen ki pwoteje cheve a pou l pa domaje. Pwent cheve w tache oswa pa deyo e nan kek ka, cheve pa w pa deyo tou. Medam yo fe penyen sa yo pou yo bay cheve yo repo, pou yo pa manipilel anpil, pou evite cheve yo domaje toutpandan rasin nan kontinye pouse, le konsa yap maksimize longè cheve yo.

Kèk egzanp penyen ki pwoteje cheve gen ladan ti kouri, chou ki gen bouda poul, chiyon, crochet braids, alonj, ti très ki tache ak tout lot penyen kote pwent cheve a ak ko a pwoteje.


Yon penyen ki pou pwoteje cheve w pa yon penyen ki fe w pa manipile cheve w. Se de bagay ki diferan. Se sak fe, yon moun ki penyen pwent peny fe yon penyen ki fel pa manipile cheve l anpil men li pa yon penyen ki pwoteje chevel. Gen kek penyen ki ni pwoteje cheve, ni fe w pa manipile cheve w anpil men kwafi pwotektris PA kwafi ki gen ti kras manipilasyon


Penyen pou pwoteje cheve w ta dwe fe cheve w pi bel, pi ansante epi pouse pi vit. Epoutan, anpil moun ki fe stil sa yo we cheve yo pa pouse, genyen ki vin gen alopesi, cheve yo mare, tchake. Osnon, genyen ki telman fe yon seri move jes ak cheve yo ou mande tet yo eske vreman vre penyen yo fe a se pou yo pwoteje cheve yo? Nou pral pale de kek bagay nou ta dwe konsidere le nou di nou ap fe yon penyen pou pwoteje cheve nou


Si w pa idrate cheve w anvan w fe kwafi pwotektris la, pandan ou kite l nan kwafi pwotektris la, penyen w nan pap pwoteje cheve w. Yap sèk epi pa etone cheve w pral tonbe. Fè swen pou w netwaye epi idrate chevew anvan w fè penyen an, pandan cheve w nan penyen an, pa neglije itilize ti vaporizatèw ak dlo ladan. Penyen an poukol pap al fe yon mirak pou kenbe cheve w bel epi ansante. Fok cheve w pa sispann manje pandan li nan penyen an.

012871830 portrait beautiful african gir


Nou tout konnen si nou annik flite dlo nan cheve nou, nan yon moman anko, l’ap retounen sèk. Depi l retounen sek, cheve a pral domaje donk li pap pwofite de repo w ba li a. Le w fin flite dlo nan cheve w, itilize yon luil pou w sele idratasyon an ladan yo. Cheve sek= cheve kase.


Anpil nan nou kwè nan penyen sere, gen kek ki di se sak montre yo djanm. Gen lot ki pa we tet li bel sil pa penyen sere. Penyen sere se bagay kap irite po tet ou, rache cheve w epi ki gendwa baw alopesi oswa lot pwoblem anko. Pa sere tet paw, pa sere tet lot moun, pa kite moun sere tet ou!


Gen moun ki panse yon kwafi pwotektris se yon tatwaj! Apre 6-8 semèn, li LE pou w defèt penyen an, fè swen pou chevew, kite l pran yon ti lè ANVAN w rekomanse kwafi pwotektris. Gen lot ki bliye tet yo ki pa lave tet yo pandan yo ak penyen an. Nonselman cheve yo ap soufri le konsa, men figi w tou: paske tet ou sal, pral sou zorye kote figi w ye epi ba w bouton! Le w resi retire penyen an, cheve w ap telman mare, wap retire yon bel pouf le w resi fin demele yo. Gen yon JAN pou w jere kwafi pwotekris.

Nou swete ti konsèy sa yo ap pèmèt w jere penyen pou w pwoteje cheve w yo pi byen.

Annie Christine Emilcar

Afro Alice

My New Hair Do – Drew It Is!

Bored with my high top fade, I wanted to try another look.  I first thought about putting micro afro braids then I started to watch videos about style alternatives when you have a very short TWA or a tapered cut you are growing out.  That’s how I found Beauty Cutright on Youtube.  She rocks a lot of wigs and they were all wonderful.  I wanted a big afro hair with a natural look. 

Hesitant but adventurous, after having watched and read many reviews about the Beshe-LW Drew wig, I ordered it on (Good news for my Haitian folks is that they accept international credit cards).  I chose the #1 color.  Such hair for just $ 34.99. Two days ago, it was delivered 🙂 !!!!!!!

The hair is soft, fluffy, flowing and looks natural.  I just loveeeeee it! Enough talking, see for yourself 🙂 😀


Afroliciously yours,


Welcome my 2013 Hair Do- The Tapered Cut

After 29 months of growth, I decided to make a change.  I kind of re-big chop.  See before and after pictures below:


Before- I used the Proline Softener Comb-thru moisturizer to detangle my hair and put it and a puff

My tangled puff on December 30, 2012

My tangled puff on December 30, 2012                 

After- I went to a barber shop and asked for a tapered cut.  That’s my look after I had washed my freshly cut hair with VO5 conditioner

My tapered cut on December 31

My tapered cut on December 31, 2012                

I am in love with my new look! I will rock it for the next three months and then get back to my grow out journey.  This time, I wanna embrace my journey wiser.  Less coloring, less hair manipulation, more balanced diet and more hair vitamins 😀




My Inspiration Looks

At the beginning of my natural hair journey, my signature style was the haut afro puff.  Since some months, I have been rocking more a high bun.  I have more hair and because of my colored ends, I keep them protected as often as possible.    I also do other hairstyles specially some dos inspired by celebrities.  Look at these three following:

Look #1- Jennifer Lopez Sophisticated bun in “Maid in Manhattan” on her night out with the Senate candidate.  I made an Afro Puff and a friend of mine did the guirlande like bun for me. 

Look # 2- Esperanza Spalding sided pinned up front puff  at the Grammy Awards in 2010.  I usually braid my hair two nights before ,  unravel the braids, volumize the hair with an afro pick, use some Eco styler gel to smoothe my edges and YAAAY: I get my Esperanza S. look.

Look # 3- Janelle Monae pinned up pompadour signature do.  I just tried that one.  The night before, my hair was a mess.  I was too tired to take care of it, I then just wore my satin bonnet and went to bed.  The next morning, full of guilt, I woke up earlier, section my hair, spritz it with water, applied some Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil and pinned up my hair.  To get a bigger pompadour, I added some Marley hair and twist it with my hair.

Hopefully, my video camera will be here soon and I will be able to provide you useful tutorials for my hairstyles.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures 🙂

jlo inspired

Look # 1

Esperanza Spalding inspiration

Look # 2

Janelle Monae inspiration

Look # 3

My Natural Hair Challenge- Update on Hairstyles & Regimen

On September 21, last day of summer,  I  started a natural hair protection and length retaining  challenge with two other friends.  It will end on November 2, 2012.  So far, so good!!!!

The first week, I kept my hair in updos, french braids, buns and twist out tuck and roll styles. 



Tuck and Roll

My hair regimen consisted of the following:

– Water and coconut milk spritz then sealing with coconut/carrot/jojoba/tea tree oil every night then wrap my hair with a satin scarf.

– Treatment (1x/week): Prepoo- deep condition my hair with a mixture of palma cristi/coconut / extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and honey. Shampoo and condition with Jane Carter Solutions products.  Do a hair mask with Organics Olive oil deep conditioner and an egg then rinse it all out. 

The second week, I put on some senegalese twists and I am loving them.

Senegalese Twists with Marley Afro hair

I have a different hair regimen when my hair is kept in twists.

-Three times per week, I spritz a mixture of  Unleashed Curls leave-in conditioner, water and jojoba oil to my scalp.

-Every other day, I oil my hair scalp as needed

-I wash my hair every two weeks and make sure I use a light conditioner to do so.

I will remove the current twists on October 13 or 14, set them in another braided style that I will remove on October 26.  Afterward, I will leave them out for five days and do micro senegalese twists which I will leave for five weeks. 

I don’t know what style I will be doing in December but what I am sure of is that the temptation to do a tapered cut or to chop all of my hair off is so big that I’d rather keep them under extensions or braids to avoid doing that……

All I am looking forward is to my next hair dye: May 2013. 🙂

4- FAQs about Individual/Box Braids

Individual/Box braids‘ trend is coming back.  You probably want to put some on.  I hereby answer some questions you may have about braids.

1-      How much time does it take to complete individual/box braids?

It all depends on the size, the length of your braid.  In general, it takes from 6 to 8 hours to complete waist-length Hershey’s-chocolate-bite-size braids.  Mine actually took six (6) hours.

My Individual Braids- Waist Length

2-      For how long can someone keep her braids on?

It is recommended that you keep your hair in braids not for more than six (6) weeks.  But, I have seen people keeping them for longer.

3-      How to maintain your own hair while in braids?

Dry shampoo once per week and do a full shampoo then condition with a cap covering the braids every three to four weeks.  From my own experience, I would suggest that you dilute the shampoo.

Daily spritz with water and one or more of your favorite oils and seal with any hair butter/moisturizing cream or oil of your choice.

Bag your hair before going to bed so that your roots can keep the moisture and your braids their beauty.

4-      How does someone prepare her hair before braiding?

Drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated.  Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove all residues.  Apply moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment.  Get your hair cut to remove all damaged or split ends.

If you have further questions, please send at or post on our Facebook page Afro Alice.

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