About a Ph-balanced Shampoo

One of my natural friends wrote to ask me if it was recommendable to use a ph-balanced shampoo on her hair.  Following is my reply to her after doing some researches.

Ph is potential hydrogen and varies from 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most basic or alkaline).  A ph-balanced shampoo has a ph of 7, the middle of the scale, meaning that it is balanced  to the acidic and alkaline levels.

A ph-balanced shampoo is good for your hair for many reasons.  It keeps the hair cuticles closed, protecting the inner shaft from toxins.  Moisture is locked in, which keeps hair flexible and prevent damages like split ends.  If you permanently color your hair, it seals in the color and keeps it looking vibrant for a longer period.  It will not strip natural oils from your scalp but will keep it clean.

Ph-balanced shampoo may be a misnomer.  With the above being said, referring to a shampoo as pH-balanced may not be entirely accurate. A shampoo that claims to be pH-balanced should be formulated to be slightly acidic, because the pH of healthy hair is ideally 4.5 to 5.5, which makes it a little on the acidic side. A shampoo may contain citric acid to help lower the pH.

As shampoo mixes with the water in your shower or bath, or the dirt in your hair, it loses its acidity. Most shampoos contain a buffer that releases acidifying hydrogen ions when the acidity becomes too low, and absorbs them when the acidity level is too high. Sodium citrate is a common buffering agent used in shampoo.

The goal is to consistently maintain a slight acidity, because a shampoo that is slightly alkaline, or basic, will damage the hair shaft, causing the hair to become dull and rough.

Source: Charlotte LoBuono, Daily Glow

Herbal Essences is an example of ph-balanced shampoo.

Stress & Hair Loss – Reply to a Naturalista’s Message

Rachel wroteEmergency! While flat twisting my hair, I noticed that I have lost a lot of hair around my neck line.  Wondering if it is not due to stress.  What should I do for the hair to grow back?


Afro Alice answered:  What it is- Temporary loss of hair due to stress, trauma or shock is known as Telogen (one type of hair, characterized by the end of the hair being shaped like a bulb) Effluvium (flow out).  Simply explained, your hair follows a natural growth and rest cycle which is disrupted when you are stressed.  As a result, your hair falls out when you wash or style your hair.

What you can do about it- Eat a healthy diet and treat your hair very gently.  Work on a plan to reduce your stress (exercise, relax, etc).

Source: Everyday Health Magazine