Your Hair is YOUnique- Get to Know It

I have met those newly naturals who love their hair but don’t know much how to prove it to their crown….I have talked to those women having hair problems but can’t really tell you much about it…..I have received tons of emails and messages from natural women wanting to develop or reinforce their hair regimen. All of them with one common problem: they do not know their hair!

Your face is unique, your nails are unique, your body is unique and your hair is unique too.  That’s why it is crucial that you know your hair to be able to manage it, style it and make it grow to its fullest length. Let’s consider four factors in getting to know our hair.


1- Its type -Your hair has specific care and styling needs based on its texture, that’s why it is important to find your hair type. For more information, refer to my article about hair typing.

2- Its porosity– To retain length, to be healthy, your hair needs moisture.  Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.  Your hair cuticle determines how easily moisture and oils penetrate and goes out of the hair.  Therefore, knowing your hair porosity helps you in choosing the proper products to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.  For information on determining your hair porosity, refer to this article.

3- Its growth rate– The mistake a lot of women do is comparing their hair length with other same-age-hair pals.  This is not correct.  Hair growth is genetic and is also affected by external factors like care, environment, situation and etc.  Knowing your OWN growth rate helps you stay away from the comparison and really know your OWN hair.  To calculate your hair growth, refer to this article.

4- Its state– Getting to know your hair implies keeping track of its situation. When you know your hair state, you can better prevent damages, you can solve hair issues quicker and more efficiently and you avoid comparing your hair with others’.   Do you have dry hair? Do you have oily scalp? Do you currently have dandruffs? Do you have sensitive scalp?  Are you stressed?  Did you recently have a surgery? Do you live in a cold, humid or hot environment?  Do you work indoor or outdoor? How is your diet? Do you exercise?  Genetics? How do you care for it?  Your hair has a history and its state relies a lot on it. 

Get to know your hair, fall in love with it, treat it as unique (anyway it is).


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