Decision Made- What Comes Next????

Congratulations on your decision to become natural.  You probably want to either transition or chop off all your relaxed hair to get back to natural hair.  


The first thing you need to know is your hair type.  Why?  Because, your hair has specific care and styling needs based on its texture. The three most known hair typing systems are the following:

1- Andre Walker’s system

2- L.O.I.S system

3- FIA system

For more information about them, please click on this link:

Once you’ve read about them all, you may use which ever you feel more comfortable with.  The most used and known one is the Andre Walker’s system.  This is the one I also used and according to it, I have Hair Type 4 a & 4 b- Kinky Hair.


Don’t freak out if you realize your head has more than one hair type.  It happens to a lot of people.  Myself, I have two hair textures:  the hair around my temples is type 4A and the one in the middle of my head is type 4B.

Start enjoying your journey, very soon you will be able to choose products and styles that work particularly for your own hair.

Afroliciously yours,


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