Afro Alice Hebdo – Be Klasik, Be Carline

Afro Alice went indoor and interviewed one of her page administrators and supporters…..

She turns the most ordinary things into a wonder, her jewelry makes people YOUnique and Klasik.  Meet Carline, CEO of Kafe Dore, creator of Klasik Bijoux and Save Yourself and also one of our Facebook page administrators.

1)      Tell us about you.

This is the most difficult question ever because I do not like talking about myself, I just have too much to say (laughs). I’m a very simple, enthusiastic woman who chooses to live life free of conventions of the world and from our society. I love spirituality but I also believe that everyone is special enough that we should realize it one day to believe in ourself enough to do what we really love.


Carline Severe

Carline Severe

2)      Tell us about Klasik Bijoux

Klasik bijoux is my line of jewelry that I created since 2011 but for the moment this is a complete line of accessories that have been prepared by Kafedore company, it is also a love story with everything that I want to create and do with my life, nothing special but everything is special.

 3)      When and why did you return natural?

I had my hair straightened before summer 2008, but I never liked it because I judged that I never had enough long hair. I decided to do the big chop after a hairdresser sacrificed my hair with a Halle Berry cut, but this link with my hair began in 2010 when I really realized that I must live what I am as an afro woman and letting my hair alone is a great step in my well-being and self-freedom, but I respect everyone choice, this is a universal human right.

 4)      How did people surrounding you react to the change?

They liked it, my friends, my family and so one, they are always saying that big chop make me look great but I like change too much so I decided to let them grow a lillte bit this year but trust me it is not easy…I like touching my skin head ( laughs)

5)      Who were your supporters? Your hairspiration?

No hairspiration at all, when I start falling in love with my natural hair, it was more cultural than just a style; I just embrace my true self. people tend to believe that having natural hair is a continual hard work, but it is  a labor of love and I let myself go with the flow without embarrassing me or stressing me if my hair grow or not, I am comfortable with and that is what makes the story enjoyable.

 6)      Are you working on any project related to natural hair?

Yes right now I am working with Afro Alice on natural hair projects and events to be held in the near future.

 7)      What is your hair regimen?

This is the most difficult question about my natural hair; I’m still in learning stage. I have a lot of products but I always end up using the ones I love the most; my black soap that I carry with me everywhere when I travel and when I go to the beach because I can use it as a shampoo as well as shower gel, african shea butter is also a good remedy for skin, black castor oil. In general, I use products for my hair that I can also use for my skin. Like I use to say I’m not so “hairlover” but I have a beautiful love story with my hair.

 8)      What do you like most about being natural?

As I said earlier being natural for me is not only having kinky hair. If you do not feel good in your own skin with it you will give up. what I like the most about this “ I feel more pretty than ever “, it’s like having the opportunity to know  myself more and when I look in the mirror I am proud to participate in this revolution where all the companies try to adopt their products for afro hair.

 9)      A message to the existing, upcoming and potential natural hair community?

Continue the good work; having natural hair is not only about hair but more particularly about your true self. Loving your own hair is the best beautiful gift you can give to yourself, and do not forget that all the products are not for everyone, be attentive to your hair when they talk to you. We are so beautiful when we embrace our true self that I can’t imagine a woman who feels ugly just because her hair don’t have perm.

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Afro Alice Hebdo – Coucou Ginoue!

Afro Alice prend plaisir à vous faire découvrir cette semaine une jeune femme haitienne vivant sur le territoire voisin qui crée des accessoires et des bijoux qui nous rend choues…

Parle-nous de toi.

Je suis Regine Clerval, 24 ans d’âge. Etudiante haïtienne en thérapie physique à Santiago, République dominicaine. Je suis facile à vivre.

Regine Clerval

Regine Clerval

Quand et comment es- tu redevenue naturelle?

 J’ai maintenant deux ans depuis que j’ai fait mon big chop. J’ai été inspirée par Annie Emilcar (Alice Giordani) et par quelqu’un d’autre que je voyais chaque jour à l’université. J’avais décidé de tout couper car j’avais plusieurs chutes et mes cheveux n’arrivaient pas à pousser et les produits que j’utilisais, bien qu’ils étaient de très bonne qualité, ne servaient à rien.

Comment ont réagi tes proches? Qui t’a supporté?

Ma mère n’était pas d’accord au début, pour elle, les cheveux longs et lisses sont meilleurs que les cheveux naturels, mais mon père m’a supporté, il adore mes cheveux.

Travailles-tu sur des projets concernant les cheveux naturels?

Je crée des bijoux qui mettent en valeur les cheveux naturels.  Pour de plus amples informations, vous pouvez visiter ma page Facebook Ginoue Bijoux.

Parle-nous de Ginoue Bijoux

Je faisais partie d’un groupe de jeunes femmes aux cheveux naturels et j’avais remarqué qu’elles utillisaient des accessoires hors du commun pour réhausser leur beauté. Et  l’idée m’est venuede créer des bijoux qui flatteraient leurs couronnes crépues ou bouclées.   J’ai commencé à prendre  des cours. Avec mon imagination et les instructions que j’ai reçues,  j’ai créé quelques accessoires que j’ai présenté aux jeunes femmes.  Le feedback a été très positif. C’est ainsi que j’ai comencé l’aventure de Ginoue Bijoux.  Avec GB, le client peut faire des commandes personnalisées.

Quel est ton régime capillaire?

Je viens de changer mon shampoo, avant j’utilisais les produits Suave. Maintenant,  j’utilise un shampoo fait maison, à base de shampoo neutre et d’aloe vera et de canelle. Je fais un traitement protéiné (mayonaise, jaune d’œuf, miel) et un bain d’huile chaque 2 semaines, et un lavage avec rinse chaque 2 jours. J’utilise aussi Antichute, Kuz ou Alterego pour mes cheveux chaque soir.

Qu’est-ce que tu aimes le plus à être naturelle?

Le respect et l’admiration que j’inspire aux autres…

Un message pour celles qui font partie de la communauté naturelle?

Etre naturelle, est un processus lent, dur mais tellement satisfaisant. Il faut avoir de la patience et du courage pour faire la transition et rester naturelle… Ne vous arrêtez pas à mi-chemin…


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