Afro Alice Hebdo- Francesca Andre, Our Guest For This Week

The adventure is going on with Afro Alice and the guest to our forum for this week is Francesca Andre, a talented photographer and naturalista.

 1-           Tell us about you & FAP.

I am not sure what you would like to know but I will tell you the basic…I like to cook (small appetizers…) I am very persistent and lately I have become more disciplined. I also like to dance but for some reason I feel like I have lost my rhythm. I love music, Norah Jones, Gil Scott Heron, Salif Keita, Emeline Michel, Brenda Fassie, Hugh Masekela, Lauryn hill, Manno Charlemagne,Louis Armstrong, Cesaria Evora and so many more. I am loyal but I also know when to draw the lines, being the only child for such a long time thought me how to rely on myself as well as the importance of others.  I like being around people as much as I like being alone.   Francesca Andre Photography is my business/creative outlet.

Francesca Andre Photography

Francesca Andre Photography

 2-           When and why did you return natural?

 I went natural about 4 years.  I don’t really know why but it was after a break up with someone and I felt like shaving my hair was a way of getting rid of the bad energy.  There’s renewed strength whenever I shave my hair.  It is like I am giving myself another opportunity to start over and claim a new beautiful beginning!

3-           How did people surrounding you react to the change?

 I have shaved my hair before so it really wasn’t a big surprise.

4-           Who were your supporters? Your hairspirations?

My Friend Carine Eustache was beyond supportive and I will forever be grateful for all her support.

5-           What is your hair regimen?

I use vegetable glycerin, organic extra virgin olive oil and I mix it with water and put it in my hair. I don’t use shampoo.  I wash my hair with conditioner. Yet, to be honest, I need to take better care of my hair.

6-           What do you like most about being natural?

I feel free.  And even when I braid my hair with extensions, I don’t feel like I am hiding anything.  I feel proud.

7-           A message to the existing, upcoming and potential natural hair community?

 It is a journey….certainly a journey to self-love.  BREAKING the chains is not easy….be patient with yourself, be patient with your hair…and re-program yourself to love and embrace your hair.

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