Afro Alice Hebdo – Up to NJ to Meet Christelle Faustin

The naturalista adventure goes on with a haitian plus-size model and naturalista, Christelle Faustin.  Afro Alice is sharing her interview with you.

1.       Tell me about yourself

My name is Christelle Faustin. I am from Haiti and live in New Jersey.   I am a part-time plus size model, a college graduate in Clinical Psychology and a volunteer at the Red Cross.

Christelle Faustin

                           Christelle Faustin

 2.       When and why did you return natural?

I began my natural journey on July 9th 2012.  During my last trip to Haiti in 2010, before the devastating earthquake, I was looking at old pictures of me and the family and one picture really caught my attention, it was the one of my first communion. My mom had blown dried my hair but didn’t flat iron it and was saying to myself how I would love to remember how did this texture of my hair felt. But I didn’t have the guts to cut all my hair off. However, in 2012, I saw the beautiful results my friend Djenane Desrouleaux was getting and I decided it was time.

 3.       How did people surrounding you react to the change?

After I did the big chop, I felt the most liberating feeling in the world. I was shocked at myself – I didn’t miss my permed hair at all. It felt so good not having hair, lol. But my family wasn’t too happy mostly because they thought that it wouldn’t grow back.

 4.       Who did support you? Who was your hairspiration?

The most supportive person was my boyfriend Christopher Dominique. When I told him I was going to chop my hair off, he told me “if it makes you happy, than I am happy”. One person that inspires me daily, not only with her natural hair but with her style and her spirit, is Solange Knowles. I truly loved watching her evolve into this beautiful woman that she is, along with her natural hair journey.

 5.       How did you become a plus size model?

While working at my first job as a drive-thru cashier at Boston Market back in 2011, I was approached by the COO of a full-figure company called Infinite Form to attend a casting they were having. She told me she loved my personality, my face and most importantly my height. I wasn’t too sure about it but I went anyway and got casted. Since then, I have participated in various events like New Jersey Full Figure Fashion week, Plus Night Out in New York similar to Fashion Night Out etc. I took a break from modeling last fall to focus on finishing school. Happy to say I did. I plan on going back to that soon.

 6.       What is your hair regimen?

My hair regimen is pretty simple. I don’t use any shampoo, I only co-wash my hair. I do a deep conditioning treatment twice a month or whenever I feel like my hair needs it. Before the conditioning treatment I prepoo my hair with coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil overnight. I also use a homemade mixture of Shea butter. I drink lot water and make sure to take my multi vitamins

  7.       What do you like most about being natural?

I truly love the versatility of my natural hair. I love the texture of my natural hair, it’s strong yet soft, kinky one day and curly the next. I love the different hair styles you can achieve with natural. I also love inspiring other women.

 8.       A message to the existing, upcoming and potential natural hair community?

To the existing natural community, please be kind to other natural girls and women. I am starting to see competition in the natural community; some are comparing hair textures, hair length and thinking they are better than the rest. It is not nice. Also don’t be afraid to share some tips and tricks you can really make a difference. To the upcoming natural community, do not see being “natural” as being part of a trend, you won’t survive. Having natural hair is not easy. It requires a lot of care, a faithful regimen and depending on one’s hair texture; you might have to do your hair every day. But if you think it’s for you, don’t be afraid. Be sure to Love every step of your natural journey and avoid comparing your hair with someone else’s. You won’t get the same results. Do not become a product junkie. A product junkie is person who buys every single product that someone recommends. You will waste a lot of money. Learn about your hair find what works for you and stick to it. There is a lot of information that one can reach out for, example books, blogs, and YouTube. Do not hesitate to use the information and make sure you do your research on some of the products that you are going to purchase.  Happy journey to all of you.

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