My Naps in Color :)

I colored my hair the night before last night….

My hair has been straight black for the past ten months and I was getting bored with it.  Therefore, on the night of October 16, just before my picnic, I colored my hair.

The color I used: Dark and Lovely Honey Blonde 378 ( I bought it for 250 gourdes / 6.50 usd at Janet Beauty Supply in Petion Ville).  Because that color doesn’t complete my tone as it is the same color with my skin, I did highlights with it instead of dying or block-coloring my hair.

The process

The Steps

The Steps

First – my hair before.  Very black.  From the general hair chart, my hair is 1b color.

Second  – I parted my hair in different medium sections for the highlights.

Third  – the color box

Fourth  – What’s included in the box: the liquid and the color

Fifth – I mixed the liquid and the color in the white bottle and apply to my hair body.  Notice that I didn’t apply color on the roots.

Sixth and Seventh  – I aluminium-foiled the colored part for maximum effect.

Eight and Ninth – I left it for 45 minutes and that’s how it went out

Tenth and Eleventh– I wash  the color out

Twelfth and Thirteenth– I protein deep condition my hair using a mixture of Olive Oil mayonnaise, avocado, oils and honey.  Put a hot cap on for fifteen minutes.

Fourteenth – I rinse thoroughly and flat twist the hair using Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie

The results


N.B.- The color is permanent and suitable to natural hair (it will not alter your texture).

If you have questions about my color application, please write me at or contact me via Facebook on our Afro Alice page.



  1. Je te félicite pour ton blog! C’est top! Je suis naturelle depuis toujours ! J’aimerais avoir des produits naturels! Donc pourrais tu me donner quelques adresses s’il te plait? Je t’attends avec impatience! Contacts, adresses ou autres! Merci déjà!

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