The Current Most Trendy African Hairstyles

As a natural hair enthusiast, I keep a close eye on the evoluating world of natural hair and afro textured styles and based on my observation during the past three months or so, below are the current trendiest hairstyles in the natural hair community.

1- Faux Locks

Faux locs are protective styles performed with yarn or marley bulk hair or regular kanekalon hair to achieve dread locks. They are great options for people who want to try the dread look without having to actually lock their hair and people who are thinking about locking their hair and rock them as the “trial look”.  Whether your hair is permed, texturized or natural, you can wear faux locks.  The look became even more known when Disney Star,  Zendaya Coleman, wore faux locks to the latest Oscars and sparked one fashion critic who insinuated prejudices about her look.


Faux locs bun


Faux locs on curly hair


2- Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are protective styling performed on flat twisted or cornrowed hair where a latchhook is used to insert the braid under the braided hair to create the do.  They are great transitioning styles. They are a great alternative for people who want to wear another hair color without coloring their own hair and they work great to achieve fuller hairstyles.


Kay Afro Alice Natural Hair Salon

Kay Afro Alice Natural Hair Salon


3- Havana Twists

Havana twists are medium-sized or big chunky senegalese twists created with Marley bulk hair or any  full afro textured braiding hair. They look great, do not take time to do and take down.

Havana bun

Havana bun

Havana twist

Havana twist


4- Ombré Hair Coloring 

The Ombré hair coloring is applying color gradually to your hair ends.  It looks better on medium to long hair. You dye your ends with a brush that gradually distribute the color with different highlights.

058f9a3ee42b2017a0eda7fcae92a017 chunks2 teyana-taylor-and-ombre-hair-feature

Which one of these looks have you already tried?


Afro Alice

Kay Afro Alice


Please share your opinion/advice/comment with us

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