My point of view about Christmas……

Log of a Lost Emerald

It is said that Christmas is about sharing, loving, celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth, gathering with friends and family. Yet, there are several question marks about this celebration.  Every single thing about Christmas is questionable but I want to talk about the darkest side of it: Christmas is all about lies …

First lie about Christmas, the date December 25! Where in the Bible or any truthful reference have we found that Jesus Christ has been born on a December 25???!!!!!! Some people will say, well it’s tradition!!! But what should I follow tradition related to a lie? specially when talking about Jesus Christ’s matters? Some others will say as we don’t have a date, we chose a date to celebrate his birthday! Did Jesus ask us to do that?!! Specially using a lie????!!!! The Bible, God’s word relates lies to the Evil. And we know Christ has no association with…

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Maximize your Hair Growth From Within

Afro Alice

Growing long, healthy, thick and full natural hair is not an overnight task.  You certainly have to take care of your hair and maintain it on a regular basis.  But,  there is more to be done to achieve gorgeous nap.  And this effort should be done from within: watch your diet. 

Let’s talk about three of the food which maximize hair growth:

1- Salmon– source of protein, iron, B12 vitamin, omega-3 fatty acid which result in beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

2- Carrots– source of vitamin A and beta-carotene and keratine for healthy sight, hair and skin.

source:twistafro                      source:twistafro

3- Dark green vegetables– source of iron, calcium, vitamins A and C which the body uses to create this natural conditioner good for both our hair and skin: the sebum.

Next time you are thinking about the reason why you hair is not growing enough or at all, remember-…

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