Natural Hair Directory – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Afro Alice

I have been receiving many messages and emails from natural friends living in Haiti who want to know where they can do their hair.  That’s why, I have built this directory in order to help them.  None of these people were chosen based on personal relationship with them but are referenced to based on the styles they have done on either my own hair or other friends and contacts’ hair. 

Natural HairDirectoryPort-au Prince, Haiti

 ·         Paula – Senegalesebraids, kinky twists, micro braids

    • o   Telephone: 3423-9275 / 3666-3501
    • o   Adresse: Delmas 33
    • o   N.B- You should call and set an appointment weeks before the date you want to do your hair and call on the eve to confirm the appointment.
  • ·         Elizabeth – Cornrows, extensions, micro braids
    • o   Telephone: 3156-8833
    • o   Adresse: Mobile
  • ·         Carline- Kinky twists, afro twists
    • o  

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