Be Your Own Kind of beautiful

marj desius

Be Your Own Kind of beautiful

Growing up, the reality around my community was: If your skin is not light, your hair is not long, straight or curly, you can not be and will never be beautiful.
I remember as a little girl, I use to tie one “neu” (a kind of long bow) each side of my head, letting the wind blow them so I could play having “long hair”. I gotta say that this use to be fun.

No one liked their skin color by then. Some people would mix bleaching produces with their body lotion to help their skin become lighter.

It was something normal. Most of the adults I new in the neighborhood gave that process a try. It felt like it was the period when everyone wanted to be “white”

I did not know the real definition of beautiful. I have been teased a lot about how I look. Sometimes my…

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