Some Habits Causing your Hair Growth To Reduce

Many naturals in the community are complaining about their hair not growing enough, not growing at all or about their hair having stopped to grow.  In our little talk on our Facebook page today, we discussed three little habits that could cause your hair to stop growing:

1- If you do not sleep enough- While you are sleeping, your body rejuvenates, repairs, renews.  If you keep on missing the amount of sleep your body needs to do this job, then, your body, skin and hair will be affected.


2- If your vitamin intake is low – Your body needs nutrients to function properly. Those vitamins boost up your body, your health and of course, your hair too.  Make sure your intake of iron, zinc and other vitamins are sufficient to promote hair growth.


3- If you do not drink enough water – No need to drown yourself but you definitely need to drink enough water to allow blood circulation, follicle nutrients to travel and of course for your hair to be moisturized from within.  Water as well as water found in fruits and vegetables can help a great deal.


How much sleep do you have everyday?  How healthy is your diet?  What amount of water do you drink everyday?

Please share your opinion/advice/comment with us

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