Natural Hair Directory – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Afro Alice

I have been receiving many messages and emails from natural friends living in Haiti who want to know where they can do their hair.  That’s why, I have built this directory in order to help them.  None of these people were chosen based on personal relationship with them but are referenced to based on the styles they have done on either my own hair or other friends and contacts’ hair. 

Natural HairDirectoryPort-au Prince, Haiti

 ·         Paula – Senegalesebraids, kinky twists, micro braids

    • o   Telephone: 3423-9275 / 3666-3501
    • o   Adresse: Delmas 33
    • o   N.B- You should call and set an appointment weeks before the date you want to do your hair and call on the eve to confirm the appointment.
  • ·         Elizabeth – Cornrows, extensions, micro braids
    • o   Telephone: 3156-8833
    • o   Adresse: Mobile
  • ·         Carline- Kinky twists, afro twists
    • o  

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My Thought On Lupita Nyong’o’s Nomination by People Magazine

Log of a Lost Emerald

On April 23rd, 2014, People magazine named Lupita Nyong’o, the Mexican-Kenyan actress Most Beautiful Woman of 2014.  This news has created a lot of positive and negative buzz and reactions online.  In Haiti, many women see her nomination as an offense to their own beauty, others believe that beauty is too relative to be appraised.  I see Lupita’s nomination with very positive eyes.


This nomination was made to convey two messages to the world:

1- Beauty is not  equated with long, luscious, straight hair and light skin anymore.  So many black women are struggling with their self-image. They made so many changes to their hair, their skin color, their physical features that they’ve lost their identity.  They’ve lost their self-esteem and self-love with it.  Proclaiming Lupita, a dark-skinned woman with very short kinky natural hair as the MOST beautiful woman of 2014 debunks the myth that night shaded skin…

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Be Your Own Kind of beautiful

marj desius

Be Your Own Kind of beautiful

Growing up, the reality around my community was: If your skin is not light, your hair is not long, straight or curly, you can not be and will never be beautiful.
I remember as a little girl, I use to tie one “neu” (a kind of long bow) each side of my head, letting the wind blow them so I could play having “long hair”. I gotta say that this use to be fun.

No one liked their skin color by then. Some people would mix bleaching produces with their body lotion to help their skin become lighter.

It was something normal. Most of the adults I new in the neighborhood gave that process a try. It felt like it was the period when everyone wanted to be “white”

I did not know the real definition of beautiful. I have been teased a lot about how I look. Sometimes my…

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Some Habits Causing your Hair Growth To Reduce

Many naturals in the community are complaining about their hair not growing enough, not growing at all or about their hair having stopped to grow.  In our little talk on our Facebook page today, we discussed three little habits that could cause your hair to stop growing:

1- If you do not sleep enough- While you are sleeping, your body rejuvenates, repairs, renews.  If you keep on missing the amount of sleep your body needs to do this job, then, your body, skin and hair will be affected.


2- If your vitamin intake is low – Your body needs nutrients to function properly. Those vitamins boost up your body, your health and of course, your hair too.  Make sure your intake of iron, zinc and other vitamins are sufficient to promote hair growth.


3- If you do not drink enough water – No need to drown yourself but you definitely need to drink enough water to allow blood circulation, follicle nutrients to travel and of course for your hair to be moisturized from within.  Water as well as water found in fruits and vegetables can help a great deal.


How much sleep do you have everyday?  How healthy is your diet?  What amount of water do you drink everyday?

Kèk Abitid Ki ka Lakoz Chevew Pa Pouse Oswa Pran Tan pou l Pouse

Anpil medam ap plenyen cheve yo pa pouse, cheve yo sispann pouse oswa cheve yo pa pouse ase.  Nan Ti koze ak Afro Alice jodi a, nou wè twa ti abitid ki tou senp epoutan ki ka gen gwo enpak sou sante nou ak sante cheve nou:

Premye bagay ki fè cheve w ka pa pouse oswa pran tan pou yo pouse se si w pa domi ase.  Sa ki fè sa? Se pandan w ap domi, sistèm ou ap renouvle oswa repare, pwoteyin nan ko w fe sentèz, epi ko a pwofite rajeni. Depi w komanse rate oswa manke domi, kow, sante w, cheve w , po w ak sevo w ap peye sa. Si w vle cheve w pouse pi vit oswa pouse, li ta bon pou w revize abitid domi w.


Dezyèm bagay ki ka fè cheve nou pa pouse oswa pran plis tan pou li pouse se jan nou manje.  Sa ki fe sa?  Si manje w manje pa gen ase fè, zen ak lot vitamin ki bon pou ko nou, sa ap gen gwo repekisyon sou sante nou.  Lew manke vitamin, li ka fe cheve w rache, pwent yo tchaktchak epi yo pa pwofite.  Se vre gen anpil moun ki manje tchaw oswa ki pa manje manje lasante ki gen bel cheve, sa se ka ki nan eksepsyon an.


Dènye bagay n ap wè jodi a ki ka fe cheve nou pa pouse oswa pran tan anvan l resi pran yon ti longè se lè nou pa bwe ase dlo.  Saki fesa? Dlo esansyel pou fe ko nou fonksyone janl dwe fonksyone, pou transpote nitriman nan ko nou, pou retire vye toksin, pou san nou ka byen sikile ak pou yon pil lot bagay anko. Si folikil cheve w pa jwenn nitriman, koman wap fe gen bel cheve? Si w pa bwe ase dlo, koman cheve w ap fe idrate pa anndan? Ou ka bwe dlo, ou ka jwenn dlo tou nan fwi ak legim ki gen dlo.


Konbyen tan w domi an jeneral?  Eske w manje manje lasante epi pran ase vitamin nan sa w ap manje?  Ki valè dlo ou bwè chak jou?