Launching my Youtube Channel

Yipeeee! I made it!  Last night, I launched my Youtube Channel: Afro Alice.

Yesterday was a holiday but I was so busy that I made the video late and took sometime to edit it then it started to rain and the Internet connection went slow.  I started uploading it at 10:27 p.m, it was 11:45 p.m and only 83% was uploaded.  I fell asleep before it was complete and I woke up this morning with all uploading and publishing done.

The good news-for the Haitian community and all creole speakers- is that my channel is in Creole.  The bad news-for my faithful English speaking community- is that I didn’t start writing the captions in English yet but I am getting there.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

Below is the link to my Youtube channel:

Please, comment, like and subscribe 🙂

Happy Thursday


  1. I saw you on one of my friends FB page. I really like what you are doing for all Haitian ladies around the world.

    A year ago I decided to go “tet grinn” which I did. But lately, I was just about to do perm back again. Fortunately, I went on time on your FB page. Now I changed my mind about perm because of you.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You are one of the few people that I know who are not egocentric and selfish if I can say, who are doing business while helping others. I love you guys. keep up the good work. A year ago I decided to go “tet grinn” .
    I am looking forward to learn all about kinky hair from you.
    Love you and be blessed in your endeavors!



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