Texturized-Is-Natural-Hair Anecdote

I just encountered that colleague of mine with her hair being type 3b/3c-curly hair so, easier-to-manage hair.  Yet, sometime after she big chopped, she texturized her hair to “make her life easy” and to “embellish herself”.  LOL. No offense.  That was her choice….

Now, she came to me to complain.  Because number one, I didn’t invite her to the natural hair photoshoot I organized for the “natural” hair women at work two months ago.  (I wish you could see my ironic smile at her). Number two,  her hair looks natural but she is not treated as someone with natural hair. (LMAO really???!!!!).  She knew!  Just before she went for that semi creamy crack, I told her not to do so because it would alter her natural hair.  Smh!

A cat is not a tiger although they’re feline and look somehow alike. 

Credit: naturalhairdontcare.wordpress.com

Credit: naturalhairdontcare.wordpress.com

I am REpeating this AGAIN.  When your hair is texturized, it is midly permed, permed, altered.  Therefore, a texturized hair is NOT natural. 

For those people who are trying to stay in-between with a texturizer ( can LOOK natural sometimes [when hair is wet, it curls] and enjoy the straight look some other times [when blow dried, the hair becomes straight]), I advise to make up your mind.  I am a faithful naturalista and I am not changing this. I change my styles often too and straighten my hair sometimes but I do not alter it and I remain natural.  I respect those people who stick to the creamy crack as well.  They enjoy their permanent straight look.  Each party makes its choice and handles it.  What  bothers me is those “in-between people” who claim/want to be “natural” with their mild relaxer or texturizer on.

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