Stress & Hair Loss – Reply to a Naturalista’s Message

Rachel wroteEmergency! While flat twisting my hair, I noticed that I have lost a lot of hair around my neck line.  Wondering if it is not due to stress.  What should I do for the hair to grow back?


Afro Alice answered:  What it is- Temporary loss of hair due to stress, trauma or shock is known as Telogen (one type of hair, characterized by the end of the hair being shaped like a bulb) Effluvium (flow out).  Simply explained, your hair follows a natural growth and rest cycle which is disrupted when you are stressed.  As a result, your hair falls out when you wash or style your hair.

What you can do about it- Eat a healthy diet and treat your hair very gently.  Work on a plan to reduce your stress (exercise, relax, etc).

Source: Everyday Health Magazine


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