My New Hair Do – Drew It Is!

Bored with my high top fade, I wanted to try another look.  I first thought about putting micro afro braids then I started to watch videos about style alternatives when you have a very short TWA or a tapered cut you are growing out.  That’s how I found Beauty Cutright on Youtube.  She rocks a lot of wigs and they were all wonderful.  I wanted a big afro hair with a natural look. 

Hesitant but adventurous, after having watched and read many reviews about the Beshe-LW Drew wig, I ordered it on (Good news for my Haitian folks is that they accept international credit cards).  I chose the #1 color.  Such hair for just $ 34.99. Two days ago, it was delivered 🙂 !!!!!!!

The hair is soft, fluffy, flowing and looks natural.  I just loveeeeee it! Enough talking, see for yourself 🙂 😀


Afroliciously yours,


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