Starting My Second Hair Journey

For the past two years, I was “discovering” my natural hair .  At random, I made the decision to chop off all of my hair with no intention to let them grow out without perm.  As my hair started to grow, throughout my research and my journey, I changed my mind and decided to keep my hair natural.  Ever since, it has been an adventure and this is one of the best decisions I have made.

In the first part of my journey, with my experience as the example, I debunked several myths about natural hair:  natural black hair can’t be worn beautifully, you can’t rock professional look with it, you can’t look good with it, natural black hair is ugly, unmanageable.  My 29-month experience has proved all of that to be wrong.  We can get the best out  of our God-given hair.  Period.

See my twenty-nine months in photos: MY HAIR JOURNEY #1- 2010 THROUGH 2012

In the second part of my journey, I will debunk the myths related to natural hair versatility, care and growth.   For the moment,  I am enjoying my high top fade/ tapered haircut. Here am I back to the 1980’s fade hairstyles.

See my just started journey in photos: My second natural hair journey

My current regimen consists of daily spritzing a mixture of water and aloe vera juice then seal the moisture with oil in my hair twice (day & night); weekly protein deep conditioning treatment and oil treatment.  I keep it very simple as I am rocking a TWA look 🙂 #CheersToShortNaturalHair #ILikeMyNewLook


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