My Natural Hair Challenge- Update on Hairstyles & Regimen

On September 21, last day of summer,  I  started a natural hair protection and length retaining  challenge with two other friends.  It will end on November 2, 2012.  So far, so good!!!!

The first week, I kept my hair in updos, french braids, buns and twist out tuck and roll styles. 



Tuck and Roll

My hair regimen consisted of the following:

– Water and coconut milk spritz then sealing with coconut/carrot/jojoba/tea tree oil every night then wrap my hair with a satin scarf.

– Treatment (1x/week): Prepoo- deep condition my hair with a mixture of palma cristi/coconut / extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and honey. Shampoo and condition with Jane Carter Solutions products.  Do a hair mask with Organics Olive oil deep conditioner and an egg then rinse it all out. 

The second week, I put on some senegalese twists and I am loving them.

Senegalese Twists with Marley Afro hair

I have a different hair regimen when my hair is kept in twists.

-Three times per week, I spritz a mixture of  Unleashed Curls leave-in conditioner, water and jojoba oil to my scalp.

-Every other day, I oil my hair scalp as needed

-I wash my hair every two weeks and make sure I use a light conditioner to do so.

I will remove the current twists on October 13 or 14, set them in another braided style that I will remove on October 26.  Afterward, I will leave them out for five days and do micro senegalese twists which I will leave for five weeks. 

I don’t know what style I will be doing in December but what I am sure of is that the temptation to do a tapered cut or to chop all of my hair off is so big that I’d rather keep them under extensions or braids to avoid doing that……

All I am looking forward is to my next hair dye: May 2013. 🙂


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