Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream- My curls Are Looking Gorgeous

I bought this product one month ago and decided to try it last night. After washing and conditioning my hair, I applied it on very wet hair and sealed it with carrot oil. Minutes after, I could see the difference in the hair pattern. I twisted my hair and unraveled the twist in the morning. Wonderful. My twist out has never been so defined before.

I love this product because the smell is not excessive, it delivers what is promises: curls defined.  Some people criticize it because it doesn’t moisturize the hair or elongate the curls. Come on people, it is not a moisturizing cream, just a curl defining one. the manufacturer never promised to elongate or moisturize your curls). Contrary to Kinky curly curling custard, it leaves no flakes in your hair and does not feel muddy. Plus, it makes your hair shine. So far, so good. 5 stars for JCS curl defining cream.

Enough talk, see for yourself. Below my twist out  picture:

Cheers to curly and juicy twist out!!!!!!!!


  1. Does it work as well on type 3c and 4a hair? I wanna try both the curling custard and the JC brand. Will see how that goes. I’m never successful with my twist outs. Either I’m doing it wrong, or I’m not using the right products, or my hair is too wooly to properly support a defined twistout. Either way I need to find a way to work this out. Thank you for the tips!

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