Twenty Six Month Natural…

July 10, 2010- September 10, 2012= Twenty six months since I big chopped.

I didn’t have the time to measure my hair yet but I think it could have been longer. But, when I remember how often I dye it, I manipulate it ( I just am not a fan of low manipulation) and how dusty, hot the environment is in Haiti, my hair is just doing wonderful.

I have too many plans for my hair for the remainder of the year.  That’s how it is, when you become a hair freak (and proud to be).  I cannot wait to start my 30-day natural hairstyle challenge……

I will keep you posted.

See below my 26-month hair picture

Natural Hair Bun

If you want to see the evolution of my hair throughout the twenty-six months and before, please click on this link: 


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