July 10, 2010 – July 10, 2012, Two Years of Nappiness

This is it! I am two-year natural today 😀

To review my two years in photo, click on the following:  MY_HAIR_JOURNEY

My hair is doing good: length- 10. 5 inches, type 4 a & 4 b, very dry hair but kept moisturized, shiny and soft.  I could have done better than that but when I analyze environmental factors like the fact that I live in a tropical and dusty country, the majority of the hair products are not easy to find, I dyed my hair three times and colored twice during the past two years and last but not least I manipulate my hair a lot, I have done wonders with my crown.

Happy to be Nappy

How did I achieve this? Love for my natural hair + Consistence in my goal/decision to keep them healthy and natural + hard work in caring for it and styling it + a lot of research and experiment with my hair.

However, for the next year, my goals are to rock on more protective styles and to be more versatile in styling my hair.  My signature style has been the puff for the past two years.  I am officially adopting a new one: The Esperanza Spalding’s (at the Grammy Award 2011).

Growing out my natural hair was one of the best decisions I made and I am really enjoying it.  I look forward to continuing my nappiness journey.

Happy to be Nappy.

Afro Alice


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