3-Natural Hair Care Basics

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, whether your hair is wavy, curly or kinky, your natural hair needs to be maintained to keep its health and great apperance,

Here are the basics to a proper natural care:

1- Shampoo (or poo)- your hair needs to be kept clean and that’s why it is important for you to wash them at least once per week. However, frequent washing can dry and weaken your hair. Some people do not use poo to wash their hair and go with a conditioner wash (co-wash). A mild conditioner can remove dirt and product build up in your hair as well. If your hair is oily, you might consider co-washing is not the best cleansing option for you.

2- Condition: it is recommendable to use it after a shampoo. It softens the hair, adds shine to it and helps you in the detangling process.

3-Deep condition: this is a must!!!!! I’m repeating! Deep conditioning your natural hair is a MUST! Sun, dust, cold, heat, coloring and other factors cause our hair to be damaged/brittle/lifeless. Deep conditioning your hair once per week brings your crown back to life. Deep conditioning your hair repairs it and keeps it healthy. It also enhances your hair texture and beauty.

4- Detangle: to keep your hair tangle-free and manageable, you need to detangle it. Never detangle your hair when it is dry and be sure to use a wide-tooth comb through it. Section your hair, finger detangle then use a comb to detangle after having sprayed your hair with water and oil mist. You can also detangle your hair with a Denman brush.

5- Trim: Natural hair should be trimmed every three to four months to prevent split ends.

6- Diet: Healthy hair grows with healthy diet. You need to eat properly if you want your natural hair to glow. Eating foods rich in vitamins (E, A, B5, Biotin, Iron) and minerals will improve your hair’s health.

After reading this post, you surely have a lot of questions? What products to use? How to style my hair? Stay tuned……..

Afro Alice. Please excuse any brevity. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


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