Salerm 21 Leave-In Conditioner Silk Protein Review

If you are looking for a good leave-in conditioner and sunscreen product for your hair, specially during this hot summer time, I would recommend you Salerm 21 Leave-In Conditioner Silk Protein.

What they claim:  It can be used to hydrate the hair, it also can be used as a hair mask and protect your hair from chlorine, sun and sea water.

My personal review:  It works …….WONDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I use it daily as a sunscreen and cold protectant and it makes my hair soft, silky and shiny.  Although I have very dry hair, it keeps my strands moisturized for at least 14 hours and also it helps me a lot when I am detangling my hair.  Price is great.  On amazon, it costs 14.99 dollars, on salerm website, it is for 10 dollars.  If you happen to be in Haiti, you can purchase it at Janet Beauty Supply Store in Petion-Ville for 700 gourdes.

I have another friend with hair type 4C who has tried it also and it works well for her hair too.  Remember- it worked for us but may not work for EVERYBODY.



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