Good to Know- You Cannot Have a Texturizer and Still be Natural

I’m currently re-reading “Thank God I’m Natural-The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair” by Chris-Tia Donaldson a.k.a Motown Girl and definitely think I should share the following extract:

Chapter 2- Myths & Misconceptions, p.20-Myth #8

Myth # 8- You can have a Texturizer and Still be Natural
To be quite clear: “natural hair” is hair that hasn’t been chemically straightened. Your hair is NOT natural if you use a texturizer or a chemical relaxer. These products alter the chemical makeup of your hair and straighten and/or loosen your natural curls. The same is true for no-lye relaxers and hair softeners. Some naturals, however, choose to wear their hair straight, using a heated styling appliance instead of relaxers. In my opinion, these women are still by definition considered natural.

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