Introducing Afro Alice Hebdo

I am Afro Alice. I have been natural since July 2010. In 22 days, I will celebrate my second nappiversary.

I became natural just at random. I had tried several hairdos in the past and wanted to try the big chop to see how I would look like with minimum hair. After having done so, I started to read about proper and aesthetic ways to keep my chopped hair well maintained. That’s how I gain a lot of knowledge about natural hair and commenced my natural hair journey. That was it: I was letting my hair grow natural. The more I was learning and experimenting, the more convinced I was that I would keep my hair natural. And here I am still rocking my natural crown. I am happy to be nappy.
For the past months, I received a lot of requests, emails from newly naturals, transitioners or people hesitating about turning natural asking me for advice and help.
By popular demand, from now on, I will be writing an informative article once per week about natural hair (from when you make the decision to go natural to when you actually are capable of handling your journey yourself) for all natural hair fans but especially for Haitian Naturalistas. Please welcome Afro Alice Hebdo.
I am NOT a hair professional, I just research a lot about natural hair and have experimented with my own natural hair. You cannot succeed your journey without experimenting what works best for your own nap. Your hair is YOU-nique
I hope you will enjoy your natural hair journey.
I wish you success!

P.S: I strongly encourage you to send me your comments and suggestions at

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