Salerm 21 Leave-In Conditioner Silk Protein Review

If you are looking for a good leave-in conditioner and sunscreen product for your hair, specially during this hot summer time, I would recommend you Salerm 21 Leave-In Conditioner Silk Protein.

What they claim:  It can be used to hydrate the hair, it also can be used as a hair mask and protect your hair from chlorine, sun and sea water.

My personal review:  It works …….WONDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I use it daily as a sunscreen and cold protectant and it makes my hair soft, silky and shiny.  Although I have very dry hair, it keeps my strands moisturized for at least 14 hours and also it helps me a lot when I am detangling my hair.  Price is great.  On amazon, it costs 14.99 dollars, on salerm website, it is for 10 dollars.  If you happen to be in Haiti, you can purchase it at Janet Beauty Supply Store in Petion-Ville for 700 gourdes.

I have another friend with hair type 4C who has tried it also and it works well for her hair too.  Remember- it worked for us but may not work for EVERYBODY.



#2- I Decided To Be Natural And Now What????

Congratulations on your decision to be natural.  You will soon realize it is one of the best decisions you have made in your life. Trust me, words of a naturalista! Now that you’ve decided either to transition or chop off all your relaxed hair to get back to natural, it’s now time to get to know your hair.


The first thing you need to know about your hair is its type. Why?  Because your hair has specific care, maintenance and style needs depending on your hair patterns.  There are three most known hair typing systems:

1- The Andre Walker’s system.

2- The LOIS system

3- The FIA system

For more information regarding the systems, please click on this link:

You may use which ever system you find more appropriate to you.  The most used one is the Andre Walker’s one and this is also the one I used to determine my hair type.  I have a 4a & B hair 🙂


HOWEVER, you may have more than one hair type on your head as it happens to a lot of people. I am myself both 4 a and 4 B: 4 a around my temples and 4 b in the middle of my head. Don’t freak out, it just does NOT matter.


Decision Made- What Comes Next????

Congratulations on your decision to become natural.  You probably want to either transition or chop off all your relaxed hair to get back to natural hair.  


The first thing you need to know is your hair type.  Why?  Because, your hair has specific care and styling needs based on its texture. The three most known hair typing systems are the following:

1- Andre Walker’s system

2- L.O.I.S system

3- FIA system

For more information about them, please click on this link:

Once you’ve read about them all, you may use which ever you feel more comfortable with.  The most used and known one is the Andre Walker’s system.  This is the one I also used and according to it, I have Hair Type 4 a & 4 b- Kinky Hair.


Don’t freak out if you realize your head has more than one hair type.  It happens to a lot of people.  Myself, I have two hair textures:  the hair around my temples is type 4A and the one in the middle of my head is type 4B.

Start enjoying your journey, very soon you will be able to choose products and styles that work particularly for your own hair.

Afroliciously yours,


Essential Vitamins That Are Your Hair’s Good Friends

Having glowing and healthy natural hais is not just about maintaining your hair, you have to eat properly also.

Below please find a list of essential vitamins that you need to consume to keep a shiny crown:

1- Vitamin A – producer of healthy sebum for your scalp.
2- Vitamine E- scalp circulation enhancer.
3- Biotin- keratin producer and hair loss fighter.
4- Iron- hair loss reducer.
5- Inositol- hair follicles health booster

There will be no miracle. You need to be consistent and patient. It takes time before these vitamins can alter your hair’s current condition.

Healthy nutrition makes happy hair.

Afro Alice. Please excuse any brevity. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Good to Know- You Cannot Have a Texturizer and Still be Natural

I’m currently re-reading “Thank God I’m Natural-The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair” by Chris-Tia Donaldson a.k.a Motown Girl and definitely think I should share the following extract:

Chapter 2- Myths & Misconceptions, p.20-Myth #8

Myth # 8- You can have a Texturizer and Still be Natural
To be quite clear: “natural hair” is hair that hasn’t been chemically straightened. Your hair is NOT natural if you use a texturizer or a chemical relaxer. These products alter the chemical makeup of your hair and straighten and/or loosen your natural curls. The same is true for no-lye relaxers and hair softeners. Some naturals, however, choose to wear their hair straight, using a heated styling appliance instead of relaxers. In my opinion, these women are still by definition considered natural.

For your information,
Afro Alice

Afro Alice. Please excuse any brevity. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

#1- I Want to Become Natural and Then What????

How many people I know who would love to turn natural but hesitate just because they are concerned about how they will look, how other people will see them, how will they handle their nap and what products to use to keep them properly. The others, who got in the middle of the road already, just feel lost because they don’t know how to take care for their nap.
To the people concerned about how they will look- just remember how you looked when you had no perm yet. And if you are afraid a big chop will not fit you, then just transition until your natural hair reaches a certain length where you can rock them without being afraid of looking “weird”.
To the people concerned about how other people will see them- Natural Hair is the trend since some months and a lot of people are changing their traditional way to see it. Plus, what you like and what pleases you –as long as it doesn’t disturb others- is more important. But- reserve kept- some workplaces in Haiti still require female professionals to keep silky, straight hair- in this regard, the decision to keep your hair natural or relax it is all yours.
To those lost at the beginning or in the middle of the way- I get news for you.
First, don’t go natural only because it is the current trend or that girl next door rocks an afro and she looks gorgeous and I want to do the same. Give yourself valuable reasons to go natural. Because if you don’t, you will perm your hair at the very first occasion one difficulty pops up. And there will surely be bad hair days along the way.
I, myself, decided to keep my hair natural because I wanted to debunk the myth that natural black hair is not manageable / ugly/ unaesthetic, I wanted to make wonders with my own natural unaltered hair, I discovered natural hair was healthier (isn’t it the hair God gave us!), I can be more versatile, stylish and bold with natural hair and I like big hair.
Second, you made the decision to go natural, the next question is: Do you want to transition or big chop? Transitioning is defined by Naturally Curly Website FAQs as going from relaxed hair to natural hair either by gradually cutting perm off, or waiting to grow out permed hair until all hair is natural. Chopping (or big chop) is defined as cutting permed hair off all at once.
Then, which one is better? It all depends on you. If you are a VERY patient person, able to keep your hair in protective styles, manage properly the two textures and fear to chop your hair all in once, transitioning is the right option for you. If you are a very versatile person who manipulate your own hair a lot and cannot really manage two textures and who would like to try the big chopped look, go ahead and BIG CHOP.

As for me, big chop was the only solution,  I am not long-suffering and quiet enough to wait several months caring for two textures- I escaped that burden- and keeping my hair in low manipulation styles.

Time to make YOUR OWN choice.


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Thank you


Introducing Afro Alice Hebdo

I am Afro Alice. I have been natural since July 2010. In 22 days, I will celebrate my second nappiversary.

I became natural just at random. I had tried several hairdos in the past and wanted to try the big chop to see how I would look like with minimum hair. After having done so, I started to read about proper and aesthetic ways to keep my chopped hair well maintained. That’s how I gain a lot of knowledge about natural hair and commenced my natural hair journey. That was it: I was letting my hair grow natural. The more I was learning and experimenting, the more convinced I was that I would keep my hair natural. And here I am still rocking my natural crown. I am happy to be nappy.
For the past months, I received a lot of requests, emails from newly naturals, transitioners or people hesitating about turning natural asking me for advice and help.
By popular demand, from now on, I will be writing an informative article once per week about natural hair (from when you make the decision to go natural to when you actually are capable of handling your journey yourself) for all natural hair fans but especially for Haitian Naturalistas. Please welcome Afro Alice Hebdo.
I am NOT a hair professional, I just research a lot about natural hair and have experimented with my own natural hair. You cannot succeed your journey without experimenting what works best for your own nap. Your hair is YOU-nique
I hope you will enjoy your natural hair journey.
I wish you success!

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